The Design Process.

For the most part every project follows a similar path throughout the design process. Preliminary, Building permit,  and  construction.  Three basic phases.  What makes every project distinct are the opportunities that do arise with every project.  Early in my career we often used words  to describe these opportunities like  “problem”, “road blocks”, “mix-ups” and sometimes even  “panic”.  How we handle challenges and opportunities often sets the table for our clients.  Today I choose to turn to a client advantage  every “opportunity” that presents itself. A big part of my job as I assist you in the design of your project  is to try to smooth the path for you.  The following is a brief description of what you can expect along the way. The easier I can make it for you the happier you are along the way!!

Preliminary:  We start with the floor plans.  Using the information you provide, be it  a sketch on a napkin, a photo from a magazine, or a copied page  from a book,  we begin with a series of design meetings to develop the plans and eventually move to the exterior elevations. We also take time to discuss your project budget, as well as any one of the many mandatory design guidelines required by some  subdivisions, City and County codes and regulations.  Occasionally, an historic or site plan review is necessary. Whatever it is, we use this information to assist in this process. ,As we move further into the design we will start to discuss the finer details of your project and implement those wishes into the plans.  A complete wish list of everything you want is highly recommended . We will discuss the development of your site as it relates to your home and eventually  arrive  at a plan that you are comfortable and happy with.  Now we start the process of obtaining various bids .   We want to make sure we are on the right track and that you are comfortable with your budget.  By now  we are pretty close to having a finished design but  don’t worry we still have time to fine tune your plans later down the road.

Building permit:  At this point I send your plans to the really smart people: Structural Engineers.  These are the guys and gals  responsible for making sure your house won’t blow down in the wind. With a structural engineer’s stamp of approval on the plans, we take a last look before  submitting  for  permit.

Construction:  While your plans are under review we can make any last minute changes. This hardly ever happens (Wink Wink)…  When you are ready and 100% happy with your new home I will perform a final review of the entire set of plans to make sure we are builder ready.   Time to go build your home. !!!

Pretty simple really.  Obviously, I didn’t cover everything involved in this process. Finding a builder for one.  I do love it when you have already selected your builder!!  I am always happy to assist you in any way possible along the way.  And there is no such thing as a stupid question.   Please feel free to call and I would be happy to sit with you and discuss your project.